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Strategy & Strategic Planning

Helping you build, capture, and sustain competitive advantage.

Every B2C business benefits from solid strategy & strategic planning

Our clients have B2C businesses that require a lot of attention and many of them simply don’t have the internal resources to inform, facilitate, and develop a proper strategy for improving how they compete within their market. Furthermore, they underestimate the human element required within the executive team to align on a strategy that will focus investment and prioritization.

Without that focus, many of our clients have under-invested in crucial areas of the business by investing smaller amounts across a wider breadth of initiatives. This diffusion may rob you from making timely moves necessary to compete with a changing world and shifting market.

Your executive team needs confidence and alignment to direct the resources that you have in key areas to support your strategy. Mission & Fields helps in both developing the strategy itself as well as facilitating the strategic planning process with your executive team and individual departments. These processes involve cross-specialty in market research, leadership team methodologies, change management, and executive coaching & advisory.

How We Can Help You

Corporate Strategy

We help clients improve performance and position themselves for success by assessing how internal and external changes affect progress towards strategic goals, with foresight and analysis of competitive dynamics and considering the clients’ key capabilities.

Pricing & Product Mix

Executing a corporate strategy requires aligning your pricing and product (merchandising) strategies with the bigger picture. We help our clients hypothesize changes in pricing strategy as well product mix and then market test those strategies to understand feasibility. Mission & Fields also identifies areas needing improvement so that our clients can adjust their tactics or drive shifts in strategic planning.

Brand Strategy

At the root of a disconnect or strong connection to customers is your brand. We work with our clients to build or improve their brand strategy for increased, consistent impact across the organization. With a true brand strategy behind your marketing & customer service efforts, you will be poised to better position your company apart from your competition.

Marketing Strategy

With the proliferation of ways in which to reach customers today, a marketing strategy is a key tool in utilizing your limited budget as best as possible. With too many hands reaching into one pot, it may seem like you can never get traction in building a sustainable pipeline of customers. A solid marketing strategy will help you gain the foothold you’ve been searching for.

Digital Strategy

Digital transformation has been sweeping organizations across the world with fewer and fewer industries shielded from delaying decision making on digital investments for the future. A digital strategy is necessary for focusing costly investment into high-leverage parts of your organization. Without this strategy, many executives that now feel compelled to catch up are unfortunately investing in ways that will prove more even costly in the coming years.

Strategic Planning

Initiative and tactic planning is where the rubber meets the road for your organization’s strategy. Should you plan alone? Or is this a team exercise? What should it look like? We work with senior executives to help them shape the formats, level, and detail of this planning to best guide the business toward their goals.


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